Endowment University 2021

Investment Overview

The focus of this specific presentation is to provide a broad overview of the investment landscape at NC State University as well as to share an update on the Office of Investment Team. This presentation also offers a high-level description of the investment process the team practices when diligencing potential managers. In addition, we provide a condensed history of each of the funds managed by the Office of Investments. The presentation concludes with the annual update, which reflects the overall endowment reported to NACUBO for the past fiscal year-end, along with the spending generated and income earned from the Universities investments.

Endowment Spending & Assessments

This presentation will provide an overview of endowment spending & assessments at NC State. I will also cover the governance of the Spending Policy and will go over some endowment terminology before diving into the details of the Spending Policy.

Endowment Unitization Example

This presentation will go over an example of how we unitize endowments and calculate endowment spending budgets. It will be helpful if you already have a basic understanding of endowment spending budgets at NC State before watching this video. If you are not already familiar with endowment spending budgets, we recommend watching Endowment Spending & Assessments first.

Due Diligence Deep Dive

This presentation will go over the Office of Investments’ due diligence process, utilizing as an example an investment that was made earlier in 2021.